Wednesday, 5 March 2014

First Class: Audio Basics 1

The third day came and went quicker than expected. Our instructor for "Audio Basics 1" is Michael Feller, a sound engineer running his own studio in Biel/Switzerland who will be teaching us for the next month. You might think that listening to someone talking about frequencies, amplitudes, (system) dynamics, physics, the setup of a recording studio and how hearing works isn't interesting, but I have to disagree there. It might be "just basics", but those basics are key and Michael's style of teaching and involving the students is so very relaxed. I felt comfortable from the moment he started talking. No sign of nervousness or fear of giving a wrong answer at all. His insight into audio and willingness to answer all matter of questions even outside classes is remarkable and he seems to take all of us seriously, even though we're just students. When I was still studying law in Innsbruck/Austria I sometimes had the feeling that some of our professors, especially the older ones who were teaching for 3 or even 4 decades, didn't take us too seriously. But this could just be my imagination.

After classes Tosi and I took our next aural training unit. Listening to just 5 frequencies being cut or boosted was way better today than yesterday, but when they introduced ALL 10 main frequencies I listed in the last entry into the exercise, things went pear-shaped and after one hour of intense listening to frequencies my sense of hearing is getting tired. Another sobering turn of events was the result.

Tomorrow I'll have to move house to a friend's place in Zurich. He's going on vacation to Brazil for a whole month and since I still haven't found a place to live we stipulated that in exchange for living in the flat I'll take care of his animals, two bearded dragons and a couple of corn snakes. Luckily none of the snakes are poisonous. Well, another month to find a flat or a room in a shared flat. And if you're wondering where I'm staying at the moment, don't worry. I don't have to sleep under a bridge or in one of the recording studios of SAE Zurichh. Right now I'm living at another friend's and her husband's place about 35km away from Zurich. Here's to hoping that
I can find a nice flat-sharing community.

Well, that's all for today. Cheers and good night!

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